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We understand that an expensive communication device or a software application is often not the solution to all the problems that children and adults with communication disabilities face on a daily basis.

We strongly believe that a correct approach to the problem combined with a knowledge of potential options would allow a teacher and a parent to define a curricula of activities that will have a positively impact.

Our team of professionals have an extended background in speech and language pathology, communication approaches and language development. We design and develop technology solutions that are low tech, medium tech, and high tech. Upon request, information about types of technologies that best fit your situations can be offered.

We offer cutting edge training modules to help overcome major problems that educators and parents often face with children who have complex communication needs.

Although each module has specific objectives, training can be tailored to fit your needs. We will also provide presentation materials and take-home activities that can be used in your curricula.

To learn more about our training opportunities please contact:

  • Objective 1: Evidence-based intervention strategies
  • Objective 2: How language is created: form, content and use
  • Objective 3: Integrating language, literacy, and communication into activities and curricula

  • Objective 1: Considering AAC for all individuals who are nonverbal and minimally verbal
  • Objective 2: Finding a point of entry for students with complex communication needs
  • Objective 3: Activities to demonstrate progress in language, literacy, and communication

  • Objective 1: AAC solutions that are available
  • Objective 2: Determine AAC options for different individuals
  • Objective 3: Roles and Responsibilities of the team. Working together to make it work
  • Objective 4: The planning process to create meaningful and functional activities

  • Objective 1: add new students and new activities in I Click I Talk
  • Objective 2: master the use of the main interface three panels (left, right and sentence strip)
  • Objective 3: learn the option interface (disable audio, disable text, choose font, randomize images, allow same image on strip)
  • Objective 4: learn how to move images up and down, disable images, write text below images, record audio
  • Objective 5: learn how to import picture from the web and from the repository
* this modules focuses on I Click → I Talk only.

What do people have to say about our training? Here an example:

"Thank you for providing "cutting edge" training for our staff and participants from the surrounding area counties (SLPs). We are so pleased that our students who are minimally verbal and/or nonverbal will have access to the IClick-ITalk software program to facilitate communication within their perspective academic settings."
November, 2011

Speech-Language Coordinator
Elizabeth City Public School
Elizabeth City NC, USA




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